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Serve, a remedy for loneliness

Good morning!

Here I am, continuing to contemplate the topic of loneliness in the midst of LIFE happening:

Yes it has been a couple of weeks since I have visited you. These have been weeks filled with challenges

Maybe you remember that I stopped blogging on waiting because I felt I had been released from God’s Wait Room. I hesitated to write that on October the 7th.  That I had been released… I know all too well that we are always in one of three seasons of life: Headed toward God’s Wait Room, in His Wait Room, or recently released from The Wait Room. So here I am back waiting… We have experienced a setback. God has not been set back, though. He knew all along that I need this next trip to lift these heavy waits. I am asking Him, though, to lift the weight from my loved one and allow a soaring freedom, a joy filling release to live a “normal’ life. “Help me help my loved one.”

Back to the topic: Remedies for loneliness.

This past Sunday our church bulletin asked for volunteers. I was especially drawn to the two days before Thanksgiving. Our local Rescue Mission has asked for helpers to serve food to the many homeless.

What thoughts cross your mind when you read a few sentences asking for help? I immediately looked at the dates and thought, “Hmmm, any other day I could go, but those days I will be preparing for Thanksgiving,”

Let me come clean here on this page. Thanksgiving is a time of major loneliness for me. Oh! My family and I celebrate Thanksgiving. I pull out all the stops. I decorate the house in as warm fall motif. I cook all the wonderful recopies my mother-in-law gave me. By now I have them all memorized! The guys in my household look forward to a day of chilling out and eating. They tumble into the basement like baskets full of puppies and along with their dad experience the happiest day of their life- football and food. We have always lived FAR FAR away from extended family, so rarely experience the “big family” celebrations that devine the holidays.

I, on the other hand, hang out in the kitchen—alone! And I don’t like to cook!

Don’t get me wrong. I have learned to overcome the sense of poor me all alone in the kitchen syndrome. I’m just saying… my guys are in the basement and I am in the kitchen.

This is where today’s remedy for loneliness comes in:

Serve! Step out of myself and into others’ lives. Serve them.

Serve the men in my life. They certainly bring me tons of joy.

Serve the needy in my community. There but by the grace of God go I.

Serve in my children’s schools. Teachers are so overwhelmed these days.

Serve in my church. Teach a Sunday school. Work in the nursery. Lead a Bible study.

Serve my friends. Take time to pray for them. Call them. Listen. Encourage. Laugh.

This year my Thanksgiving remedy for loneliness will be to prepare all my dishes ahead of time. They taste better after they have marinated for a while- right?

Tuesday or Wednesday I am going to serve food to Jesus’ favorite people, those who are in need.

Serving, (not because I’m good, but because it’s good for me)

Van Walton

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