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Show me the one

My morning prayers often include the following request, “ Lord, Show me one lone woman who needs a word of encouragement or a caring touch. If it is your will I will be Jesus with skin on and hopefully shine a little light into her life today.”

The encounters I have experienced as a result of this short prayer have amazed me. God uses me! He will use you. The result: loneliness is wiped away for a moment.

I’ve had divine encounters with grocery store clerks and stay at home moms. I’ve enjoyed long conversations with total strangers on airplanes. I’ve actually made friends with people God divinely appointed to cross my path.

I met my close friend in the ski chalet one winter day while our children were skiing. She had recently moved to town and begun visiting our church. We spotted each other. I recognized her. We greeted one another. I grabbed my cup of hot chocolate and we began to talk.

We stepped into each other’s lives at a time we both felt vulnerable to being alone. Our growing friendship filled deep needs.      

Today 17 years later, we have both moved from the  town where we met. She moved north and I moved south. That did not keep us apart. We’ve visited each other and talk on the phone often.

I thank God for answering my prayer the day he gave me a new friend to help combat my loneliness.


Van Walton

6 Responses to Show me the one

  • Mary T says:

    Van, loved your post today! Every day I try to share a compliment or conversation with anyone known or unknown to me! Have to admit no close friendships have developed but when I see some of these people again, they always smile and say hello! Love that!

    • Van Walton says:

      Mabey no close relationship, but do we ever KNOW how their hearts are changed because of our “touch”, smile, or words. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for sharing.

  • Myra says:

    I’ve so enjoyed your posts…I long for meaningful strong Godly relationships, yet they scare me and often times I sabotage them, in fear I will get to close and get hurt. Or many times I don’t know how to handle natural conflicts that arise.
    I’ve always felt alone, physically and emotionally. I hate the feeling yet, it’s all to familiar me, similiar to an old sweater that I can’t part with. Because I know the feeling I don’t want others to feel that, however, because of doubts and low sel-esteem I don’t step from behind my wall and help to alleviate their loneliness, which in turn will help as well.
    Lord, thank you for my sister in Christ, bless he for her obedience to you. Lord, I pray that I can get beyond my hurdles and touch another person’s life for you.

    • Van Walton says:

      Myra, What if choosing to remain “behind your wall” is exactly what the enemy would order to keep you and others from experiencing the freedom our Lord offers when we step out in obedience to Him. What if each time you chose to step out to touch another and in turn be blessed you were to break one more link in the chain that keeps you bound to doubts, low self esteem, and loneliness. I am asking God to give you confidence to break through your walls. I am asking God to placing his loving hands on your face, to turn your eyes toward Him and away from feelings that lie to you. Let’s reach out with God’s blessing to nurture others while He nurtures us! I love you for being vulnerable and willing to share your deepest thoughts. Many would not even step out like you have.

  • Carol PR says:

    Van, Thank you for sharing this story today. God is apparently moving in a special way. About 2 months ago in prayer I was given the thought to pray each day that God would put the people in my path that I needed to meet. Like you, it has been an amazing adventure! One day I went to a store with 2 entrances…..as I was parking I noticed I was at the wrong side of the store from where I wanted to shop & considered changing parking spaces…..but felt compelled to park where I was. When I entered the store….there was a friend I had not seen in a long time. We had a lovely reunion! If I had entered the store from the other side I would have missed her, as she was leaving as I was entering!! Then there was yesterday when all my time-scheduled plans went a bit awry……and I arrived at my destination later than I had planned. I went to see an artisian friend at his booth. A lone female tourist was there asking about the town…..from his directions & the blank look on her face I knew she’d never find anything he was suggesting for her to see. So I offered for my husband & I to be her tour guides for the day. What a wonderful blessing it was for all of us. We gave up our hurried, task-driven day to enjoy a relaxed refreshing walk around town making a new friend. I urge others to join in on this new thing that God is doing to reach & touch His world. Let Him bless others through you……and you will be blessed too!

    • Van Walton says:

      Carol, Thank you for sharing your story. I loved the details that confirm God is present in our lives when we open ourselves to Him and his people. How delightful of you to generously give of your time!

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