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Esther waited

When was the last time you read the book of Esther? It’s only 10 short chapters of pure intrigue and drama. Why not read it sometime this week. And while reading it consider how obedient, disciplined, and perseverant she was.  

Once again I read another story in the Bible that has less than redeemable qualities. A story that starts out questionably has a happy ending. Isn’t it the same with us. We find ourselves in God’s Wait Room under unfavorable circumstances. Feeling trapped, like prisoners in a jail or lost wanderers on a forest path, we complain, realize our plight and panic.

I’m amazed at Esther’s demeanor. Of course we aren’t completely privileged to her thoughts. Even though she does question her cousin’s plan she participates.

Short story: The queen of Persia humiliates the king and he deposes her. His advisors devise a plan to replace Queen Vashti and the search for the perfect young woman begins. The orphaned Esther is chosen among many to go to the palace to begin a year of preparation after which she will spend the night with the king. It turns out that the king loves her and choses her to be his queen. During this time a certain, Haman is chosen to be CEO over all the king’s nobles. His status is so elevated that all are commanded to bow to him whenever he passes by.

Mordechai, the older cousin who had adopted Esther, refuses to bow down, angering Haman who devises a plan to rid his nation of all Hebrews. When Mordechai gets the threatening news, he turns to Esther for help. Messages fly between him from outside the palace to her inside the palace walls. Finally Mordechai convinces Esther to approach the king.

We might think nothing of going up to our husband and asking a favor of him. Not so in the palace of Susa. No one was to approach the king unless he called for them, under threat of death. (Esther 4:11-12)

Meanwhile Esther waits for more instructions. Mordechai’s famous words return to her encouraging her to act. “Who knows maybe you were placed in the palace fo such a time as this.” (vs 14)   

Convinced her time to act has come, she doesn’t’ rush to conclusions. She doesn’t run to the king. She doesn’t fly into a frenzy. She sends a message to her cousin asking that the Jews fast for three days. She also fasts with her maids.

In God’s Wait Room the Trainer, prepares her to be the agent of change. We don’t know how Esther decides what to do, but over a period of three days she uses her time to plan well. After the fast, she donned her royal robes and went before the king. He raised his scepter signaling her permission to approach.

Esther’s willingness to obey during her wait saves a nation.

Who knows why God has called you to a time out. Is it possible He is preparing you for a moment in time you cannot imagine or perceive?  

Let this be our prayer:

Father God. I feel separated and pulled away from those I love. You have stretched me beyond my level of comfort by bringing me to this place to lift these heavy waits. I don’t understand. I don’t know what to do. What I do know is that you have allowed this circumstance in my life. Father God, I give myself to You. Give me eyes to see my dilemma from your perspective. Give me a heart that is willing to participate in your will. May I grow closer to You and may others benefit from this experience. Lord God, as others observe me, be the Light and the Strength they see in me, for your glory, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.   

Van Walton

2 Responses to Esther waited

  • Nancy says:

    I have been separated from my son. daughter-in-law and grand-daughter for three and a half years now. She won’t allow my husband and I to see them or have a relationship with them. Your prayer touched my heart. I want to be able to grow closer to you Lord and allow others to benefit from this experience. My hearts desire is that she know you as her Lord and savior.

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